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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Looking back....


I haven't really posted much on my blog lately. Just been busy with things...
So, right now I was going through all my previous posts since April 2005 and it was quite interesting. Even though, I don't post personal posts on here much, it's still amusing to look back in the past and relate it to the events and situations you were in.
This somehow again brought me into a deep thought about the past. Reading old posts and dates just got me thinking what I was involved in at that time and who were the people I knew...etc...
You know, it has you really thinking about the people that were in your life at one point and then you wonder where they went. Certain people at some points in your life play such a major role and then due to circumstances and time you somehow grow apart and move on your separate ways. There are always some *special* people that leave such a remarkable effect on you that you can never forget. Those people hold a very *special* place in your heart. I guess it is a part of life that you meet, become close, and may move on. If you think about it, it is kinda sad...A friend of mine uses this interesting quote in her away message, "Don't ever tell anyone anything, because then you start to miss them." It sorta fits with what I'm trying to get at ...Uhhh did i just figure out what was bothering me?

Anyhow, this entry was suppose to serve some other purpose as well, which I'm trying to figure out at the moment. Yeah, so as I was typing, although we may be physically distant, busy with our own lives, and maybe not even share the same interests anymore, but that amazing bond cannot be forgotten or shared by another. All this sounds sooo cool, but wait a second lets think back for a second. Why was this person so important? Other than the common things you shared and the fun times you had together, there must be something more to it. Maybe he or she offered some sincere advice to us or was there for us when we really needed them. The bonds with these *special* individuals were definitely not based on materialistic things. There were certain aspects of his/her character which totally exemplified our Beloved Prophet(SAW)'s charcter.... be it their innate shyness, their eagerness to learn the deen, their generousity, their steadfastness in Salah, or perhaps their nature of refraining from lying, even if it gets them in trouble. =)
From our end, the thing more important to see is if we were able to affect someone's life in a positive way. Were you really there for this person when he/she needed you? Did you offer sincere advice? Was the advice going to help this person in his or her akhairah? Were you a positive influence or instead assisted/aided in sin? Did your character exemplify that of a true muslim, so that he or she can always remember you as one? Lets admit it guys, none of us are perfect and we all fell short somewhere. We all need to work on the way we interact with individuals be it our friends, our family members, our coworkers and so on. "Meet people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they yearn for your company." -Ali ibn Abi Talib(R.A).

May Allah(SWT) forgive us for misguiding others knowlingly and unknownlingly and may He grant us the noble character of our beloved Prophet (SAW).....

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