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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sores on the heart

The disease of the heart is the worst disease of all, and the worst disease from the dieseases of the hurt is to hurt someone so that their heart breaks. Tasawwuf's highest aim is to make others happy and content while bearing a broken heart within oneself. The lowest aim in tasawwuf is not to hurt people when one cannot bring them happiness.
The traveler gets sores on his feet from traveling in this world, while the traveler in the spiritual realm gets sores on his heart.

Extracted from Wisdom for the Seeker
-Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmed

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Monday, July 18, 2005



Subhan'Allah, it has been a while since I last posted on here.Today's post will be more of a personal insight, which I'm not sure if its a good idea or not. I'm not a good writer nor do I have a blessed insight. I'll probably end up deleting this post soon...Lets see....

:scattered thoughts:


Today, I was told by an aunt that I look slightly pale and I should eat more fruits. Somehow(don't ask how) I ended up on a deep thought from one thing to another. I began to think how there are so many imperfections within me; imperfections in appearance and character. I was thinking about all my shortcomings and faults. This thought went beyond me and went onto mankind (its funny how my brain works). I started to think how we all lack something or the other. Some people are overweight and they want to loose weight, but they can't. Others feel they are too skinny and want to gain weight, but are unable to do so. If you don't have the weight issue, you may have other issues. These imperfections go beyond the looks and whats more harmful are the imperfections in our character, in the way we practice our deen...etc...

Do you ever ask Allah to make you sinless before sleeping at night? Did you ever feel so frustrated by your sins, that you said to yourself "I wish I can be a perfect muslim and not commit sins anymore?" Did you ever get the feeling that you only want to please Allah and you wish all obstacles be removed from the path?
The fact of the matter is no matter what state of piety we reach, we will sin. Man is sinful. However, we should make the sincere effort of trying to stop once we realize.

Whatever good we have in this world is due to the Mercy of Allah. Then why do we become so arrogant at times? How dare we look down on another muslim? Can we honestly look at ourselves and say we are perfect?What really do we have in this world that we can say honestly "it's mine"? How long will it stay ours? Even our own bodies are an amanah and we are suppose to take care of them. Whatever part of the body we use to sin will testify against us on the day of judgement.

And like always this brings me back to my usual conclusion.

Only Allah is perfect :)

It is only through his Mercy we have anything good in us. Allah(SWT) made the Prophet(SAW) perfect so he can be an example for mankind.However, not to worry, Allah will never forget his obedient servants. Allah promises the inhabitants of Jannah a perfect life. They would be made to look pleasing to the eye. Their character would be sinless. May Allah(SWT) make us amongst them....ameen

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Islam is a Deen of justice and compassion. Hadhrat Mufti Muhammad Shafi (rahmatullah alayh) states in his Maaariful Qur'aan:
"The Qur'aan Kareem teaches fairplay and justice for both friend and foe. All are equal in this respect. Regardless of how brutal your enemy was and how much he had persecuted you, it is your obligation to treat him with justice. Islam is unique in this. This is the speciality of Islam. It safeguards the rights of even enemies. Islam does not compensate injustice with injustice. It responds with justice."

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Female Devotees of Allah

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