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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Behind the Veil: Don't Oppress Me By Stripping Me of My Right to Wear the Veil

I hear and read of all the commotion going on in Europe, Middle East, and now Canada about people having a problem with a simple piece of harmless cloth I choose to wear on my face. The problem arises from either ignorance about the matter or differences with it.

I had decided to wear the veil at the age of eight-teen. Thank you very much, but it was out of my own choice. Neither was I married nor did my family encourage it. I was the first amongst my family to adorn the niqab. I feel very comfortable wearing the veil as I feel people do not judge me or treat me a certain way due to my looks. I have attended University wearing the niqab. I've traveled in public transportation with the very veil that I feel enhances my identity instead of hiding it. You may ask how so? The niqab has given me the opportunity to express myself without men in particular judging me or treating me for the way I look. I don't have to worry about looking pleasing to the eye to people who see me walking down the street. I choose to be known for my inner voice, my personality, and intellect. In the comfort of my home or private gatherings I confound to a different dress code. I am happy in own shoes and I don't wish to force people to start wearing the veil just like that I don't wish for people to force me out of my shoes.

A women in Canada can go outside in a bikini. I should be given the right to cover my face. Covering the face is not something uncommon in our society. In fact it is done by us in winter with thick scarves. It is also done by us by masking us from viruses, more recently the H1N1.
I am not asking to vote in veil or cross borders, or not to have a license without a veil. All I am saying is that I should have the right to wear a niqab wherever I so desire and if for identification purposes I need to reveal my face temporarily then I am willing to.

The niqab is not a threat. Niqab wearing women do not bite. We are not criminals. There hasn't been a history of us committing crimes. A women should be given the choice to wear the niqab or not in this country for the sake of freedom of choice and religion.

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