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Friday, August 25, 2006

And once again another teaching experience....

Through the Grace of Allah(SWT) once again, I got another opportunity to teach (alhamdulillah). This time a bit of a different experience. Unlike before teaching from morning untill afternoon and then returning home from a hectic day, this time we had to live in a different city, leaving the comfort of our homes...Indeed a small sacrifice, but definitely nothing compared to the sacrifices the Sahabah (RA) made or many of our pious brothers and sisters make even in this age. We had children from the ages 5-15 and we taught them various subjects from learning how to recite the Qur'an, to the life of the Prophet(SAW), to Aqi'dah and Fiqh. It seemed like 6 long weeks. We drove back home every weekend(2.5 hr drive) and then drove back every Monday morning, spending the weekends at home and weekdays there. It was a challenging task dealing with kids of all ages and with different backgrounds. Alhamdulillah, today was the last day. A day of happiness. A day to say goodbye. Parents thanked us for our efforts. We recieved gifts from some students. Some students even wrote us handwritten cards thanking us and asking us to come back. Some parents even offered us to stay at their place next time we come by the city. Alhamdulillah, it really felt like we made a change and it felt a bit nice that the kids had learned something due to our efforts. Finally, we're driving back home, a bit excited and relieved, the next thing we see is that a man runs in front of our car and our car hits him! Both of us scream. Shocked. Apparently, the man had gotten out of the bus and was running in the middle of the street to the other side to catch another bus? We weren't able to see the man due to the bus. It felt very horrible that we hurt someone. My husband immediately called 911. Other people came on the scence. Very soon the police and the ambulance came and took the man. They said he may have a broken collarbone. Horrible feeling to have hurt someone so much unintentionally. Thinking deeply why did this happen. Why us? Why our vehicle? Even the cop told us that it wasnt really our fault, but I still feel very guilty. My husband keeps telling me it's because Allah had planned it this way and it was destined to happen. Indeed, he is correct, but under shock I felt horrible. A terrible feeling in my stomach. Not even able to even cry it out. The incident keeps replaying in my head. And I think and think..And it hits me that it was only through Allah's will that we were able to help the children there. It was only through Him(SWT) that anything good happened. We can NEVER give ourselves the credit for anything positive. Perhaps, we might have gotten a bit too excited about it and started giving our own self the credit for the progress in the children. There is no need for us to even feel self-righteous about it, because just like we can help people we can also hurt them unintentionally. Perhaps, it was a lesson from Allah to not even dare to let our head's become big and think we can only help people. It is not us who is doing the helping, but it is really Allah(SWT) helping the people and we're used as a means to reach out to them.
Alhamdulillah and through this experience we came out learning more than what we bargained for.
May Allah forgive us for hurting the individual unintentionally...
Ya Allah please forgive us..
May Allah cure him soon...Ameen

Please make du'a...

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