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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

An innocent question

In his childhood, Husain (R.A) asked his father Ali (R.A.), "Do you love Allah?" He replied "Yes." Then he asked, "Do you love my maternal grandfather( i. e. Prophet [SAW])?" He again replied. "Yes." He then asked, "Do you love my mother( Fatimah[R.A.])?" Again, he replied, "Yes." Finally, he asked, "Do you love me?" And Ali (R.A.) replied, "Yes." Husain (R.A) innocently asked, "Dear father, how have you combined so many loves in one heart?" Ali (R.A) explained, "Son, your question is an excellent one. The love that I have for your maternal grandfather, for your mother, and for you is because Allah (SWT) has commaned all these loves. Hence, all these loves are in fact branches of love for Allah." Upon hearing this, Husain (R.A.) smiled understandingly.

~Extracted from Love for Allah

Such an innocent question, yet so much wisdom behind it. May Allah help us love only those, whom he has commanded us to love. This is a form of worship in itself.


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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Our fitrah

From the time of birth every person is blessed with a seed of love. Love is a part of our fitrah. Everybody has this seed of love in their heart, but many of us fail to direct it towards it's true essence. Gravitational force is nothing but attraction. Even flowers show their love for the sun. They lean towards the sun. Flowers make a 180 degree turn for their love for the sun.
How can sinners like us refuse to turn our full attention towards our Beloved Allah(SWT)?

Pause your heart on the remembrance of Allah(SWT). Remember Allah(SWT) from the depths of your heart. The heart of the believer always has Allah (SWT) in it.

~Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmad -12/18/04

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Adhering to the Sunnah of the beloved Prophet (SAW)

"If you truly love Allah, follow the Prophet (SAW), Allah will love you...."

Adhering to the sunnah

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